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Just picked up 2 of these. With one overgrip and vibration dampener, frames are 12.1 oz and 9 points HL. This frame plays like a dream. The upper loop does not provide power to be sure.. but I tend to hit lower in the stringbed. Super easy to swing... easy to get into position off the ground and at the net. I think when I get a softer set-up this less at a lower tension. The string bed will open up. The ones I have are RPM 58/ Bab Hurr 60. Pretty stiff but with great spin and control. I know my regular setup will provide a softer and open stringbed. I love these frames. Hard to miss the court. Wonderful topspin and slice and I feel the frame is quite stable enough for my level. No one has pushed me around so far. Quite happy... Have not added lead.. I will go for that after I test my frames with my own setup. I am impressed and I love the!!
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