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Originally Posted by 0d1n View Post
Let's see...these guys ( ) are 4.5's in a so called "tennis hotbed" (at least I understand Texas is one of the better regions when it comes to tennis).
They are young, and athletic. Yes...they move well...and play pretty well.
Would you say they play better than the guy in dark blue/black we are all talking about from the OP??
They are both arming the ball, especially the right hander. The leftie is slightly cleaner, but our dark clothing guy in the op has clearly better, more repeatable technique on groundstrokes, especially the forehand side. He's using quick unit turns, racquet head up, hits the ball cleanly, has good margin over the net, is precise and close to the lines, and generally hits his forehand with more purpose than BOTH guys in the 4.5 video. Their serves are similar. They make a few winners, but also make more wild errors than the guy I'm talking about. Pace is similar, but consistency would go to the guy in the OP.
Let me just get this right...are you DEBATING the fact that the guy I'm talking about is clearly better than 4.0 ???
I've made clear where I stand...and given the choice to place a bet on who would win 3 out of 5 matches between the guy in the OP and any of the two 4.5's in the video I posted, I would put my money on the guy in the OP. He's just cleaner...and his technique is more correct and more repeatable.
In my view, there is no way in h3ll he is a 4.0, and the guys who are even stating 3.5 ratings are talking out of their arses.
I understand your problem with my "benchmark 4.0's", how do you comment my general opinion with regards to the ratings though ?? I'm pretty sure you have a better clue about these things than most of the people who were declaring their ratings loud and clear in this lets hear it.
Having seen people play on video and then having played them IRL, my take is you can't be as certain as you seem to imply you can be with video especially at the 3.5-4.5 level. I would almost always take some one with a proven high winning percentage record over someone that doesn't play competitively regardless how they look on video ate the rec/club level. I have seen tons of people who look not that great on video, but are match tough, mentally strong and know how to win. I have also seen people who technically look good, but when it comes to a real match they lose to 3.5 players.

May be they are as you say and maybe they aren't. Too me the players in the OP are not obviously superior to 4.5 players. But I wouldn't bet on either one of them without seeing them play IRL and having match records of the players. If someone asked me to rate them on video alone. I would say their actual ratings could be anywhere from 3.5-4.5 but from what I am seeing the guy in black looks like a decent to strong 4.0 and the other guy looks like a 3.5.
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