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I had previously indicated that quercetin might possibly reduce DHT levels. It is often co-adminstered with finasteride. While many sources indicate that quercetin reduces or limits DHT production, there is at least one study that indicates that it actually causes an increase in DHT levels. Not certain what to make of this. Has anyone looked into this apparent contradiction?

Zinc gluconate and other zinc compounds appear to play a part in DHT production and prostate health. Zinc supposedly can raise testosterone levels but limit its conversion to DHT. However, it is possible that very high levels of zinc may actually increase the risk of prostate cancer. It is difficult to say what the optimum level of zinc intake should be in light of this. Here are a couple of sources that discuss the role of zinc and zinc compounds with regards to DHT production/inhibition and prostate health. I will leave it to you to seek out more scholarly sources if you are so inclined.
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