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Played another great match today with the Tour 89. This is probably the best serving frame I've ever used and the stability is off the charts, despite the relatively light weight (I've always played with 350+ gram frames). My opponent was crushing serves and I never felt like the racquet was the weak link.

I'm glad I finally got back to Yonex after several years of using Wilson/Donnay/Vantage frames. I had always used the R-22 and RQ-120 when I was younger and enjoyed the large sweet spot, awesome slices, and stable feel of the Yonex frames. The Tour 89 is no different, but it's definitely a departure from the previous few lines (RDX, RDS, etc.) that weren't quite cut from the same cloth as the frames from the 80s. The Tour 89 has that classic feel with the modern stability, power, and feel.

I'm finally happy again with my racquet. It's been a while.
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