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From the days of Laver and Ashe to the current days, I love watching tennis. Youtube is great. You can find matches of the past, sometimes Challenger matches, and even junior matches to watch to vary the viewing experience. Watching Murray/Nadal/Djokovic/Federer does get boring after a while, so mix it up. I think one thing that makes it hard to watch is the time between points. They made the baseball pitchers speed up to make the game watchable, they need to make the tennis players play continuously. I can't watch the matches live because I don't have the patience to watch the commercials between the games, but I can fast-forward through them if they are recorded. (NFL football is even worse for commercials)
Yeah, YouTube is great for tennis fans. I love looking up players from way back (like 60s 70s) and watching clips. Another great thing about some videos on YouTube is that some are edited to just show points and none of the in-between stuff like toweling off etc.
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