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Interesting mini debate i have going on as i finally go to hit today after a week.

I have been getting easier and easier power lately since my fitness and footwork has improved and have been craving more control.

Finding that the polybreak is a rather powerful string..the black magic is not as powerful but has that control. I am really going back and forth as i was hitting extremely precise and heavy shots with the BM that I have about 3-4 hours on (strung it up 2 weeks ago).

BM is strung at 42/40 and plays like it is strung much tighter. I am going to string the polybreak at 45 and see if that does anything.

These are both such great strings for the price. It is a tough decision..may have to get some more BM and just figure it out.

I know there has been a Black Magic revival lately on the boards, but I feel like it really is one of the best polys out there with polybreak. That pocketing feel really does it for me...of course polybreak has incredible comfort and crispness as well...decisions..

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