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Originally Posted by Mike Sams View Post
Nadal got 3 of his Slam wins over Djokovic in 2006-2007 when Djokovic was still very raw and not even in the top 3(till late 2007). RG 2006, RG 2007, Wimby 2007.
Nadal got him again at RG 2008 and USO 2010.
Djokovic turned the tables on him in 2011. Nadal rebounded on his best surface in 2012. But who's the one with physical problems right now? Obviously all these fights against Djokovic have taken their toll on Nadal whereas Djokovic is still playing top tennis, having just won the China Open today on a surface which Nadal hasn't won on since 2010.
Nadal has yet to prove that he can beat Djokovic off clay. Nadal as a matter of fact has yet to prove that he can win anything off clay. He hasn't won a non-clay title since Japan 2010.
The days of domination are over for Nadal. Djokovic has surpassed Nadal on hardcourts. He's won more hardcourt Masters titles and hardcourt Slam titles and has a lopsided hardcourt H2H over Nadal 11-5
Uhm, no, he doesn't have to. He has won plenty. Really, how long does it have to be without winning titles on a certain surface (despite very good results, BTW) to say that someone has to "prove himself" over again?.
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