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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
The fact that Federer needs a fast surface to realize his backhand is an argument against the strength of Federer's backhand, not for it. On a fast indoor surface Federer can flick the ball down the line using the other guy's pace for a winner. On a slow court, he can't generate sufficient pace most of the time to hit backhand winners. When he hits them it is by redirecting a hard hit ball from a perfect angle. He has to run around a not very hard hit short ball to hit a forehand because he cannot generate the power needed on his backhand.
That's not even remotely true. Nadal doesn't feed him pace with the CC forehand, yet when they're on a low bouncing surface, Federer kills him with his backhand.

And maybe you missed him drilling backhand winners all match long against Tomic at the AO this year?

Federer's got all the power in the world off his backhand, so long as it's in his strike zone.
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