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PP, tried your suggested setup on the PS95. About 5.5 grams spread evenly up top from 10-2, plus overgrip, took weight out of the handle.. Cracked a solid, solid ball, but felt a tad sluggish, so just peeled off a bit of the lead on each side at the ends, leaving it spread out between 11-1. Probably about 3 or 3.5 grams now, and I added a second overgrip. Total weight of 12.3 and, last night, absolutely loved it. Beat a hitting partner 1 and 1 with (rare) crazy consistency on serves and moving the ball around like crazy.

My lone beef with this 95 is slices just float a bit too much too often, and I love the slice, it's one of my go-tos. Need to see if I can figure that out with this one, or if it's just not there with the slice. But, all in all, still oddly loving the 95 experiment.
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