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Nice looking forehand.

On serve you are arming the ball too much. You have very little upper body rotation. At the peak of the toss, your shoulders should be turned so that your opponent can see your back, and tilted so that your left shoulder is well above your right shoulder. From there, you rotate your upper body around your spine in the upswing. This will add both mass and racquet speed to your serve which will result in more power and spin.

Your backhand also lacks sufficient upper body rotation. I would recommend getting rid of that loop and taking the hands straight back with the racquet head pointing up near your head. From there, it's basically a left handed forehand with the same kinetic chain of events starting from the ground up. Notice that, on your forehand, your chest turns to about 3 O'Clock on the takeback to about 9 O'Clock on the finish? That's almost 180 degrees of turn on your forehand. You should be getting that much turn on your backhand too. Maybe longer in the takeback and shorter in the finish because you are hitting from a neutral stance rather than an open stance.

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