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Originally Posted by guitarplayer View Post
Exactly. Dude, I'm in Florida right now. Totally pulling your chain. Relax, just having some fun. You've got to admit, Starbucks, Panera.....I cringe when I walk in there. Sometimes I pick up coffee for offices and see all the I sheep sitting there, blogging or some other waste of time crap, acting important, yet most are unemployed. I want to scream....GO FIND A JOB. Panera has now put in a policy, only 30 minutes of free Internet and off you go. The manager of one told me the I sheep were wasting all day there sucking Internet and drinking one coffee. Killing their business.
Yeah im not overcompensating. I just dont want things to get personal over cell phones. That is lame as I am sure you would agree. DRII is a troll account who posts from the GP section, so it was a no brainer to ignore that guy.

Actually my starbucks is all professionals for the most part just getting coffee luckily.

Definitely some tools in there on laptops being lame, but for the most part it is "give me my caffeine and let me out of here".

Not sure what area of FL you are in, so the level of dbagging may be higher in your local coffee joints.

I dont get why people camp out at starbucks or panera..maybe its the classical music?
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