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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Gads..nice..very nice. I was curious if you were going to do that. Did you find it easier to hit with weight and finish points now?
Yeah, though I probably still don't rip through an open court quite like I do with the 7G or Ace, but I'm serving so well with this frame and the maneuverability I'm feeling at its current 12.3 weight is just ridiculous for 12.3, and so I'm getting crazy angles and opening up the court so well. And the feel for the ball is just sensational. On the maneuverability side, I'm hitting the ball aggressively into the left corner so much more with this stick, whereas with my heavier-in-the-head 7G I'm always pummeling inside-out forehands because it just pummels that shot so deep so easily, but then sometimes I get gunshy going for the left corner. With the 95 lately I'm hitting the ball a bit more out in front and sending it to both corners, and have really been yo-yoing the opponent from corner to corner. Honestly I'm playing so well in set play with this stick lately that, believe it or not, I've got a playoff match tomorrow and am going in with the 95. We'll see.

Grabbing a couple of Mik's 7Gs because I need to get that frame in its normal weight and balance again, one that previously allowed me to even put a tiny bit of lead up at 12 with no issues... The one that's left in my bag just has too much weight in the head that robs me of that key maneuverability you need to pop it into the left corner with confidence when under pressure, plus gets a bit sluggish on serve.
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