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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
That is awesome. That 95 sounds a lot like the 200. I can hit crosscourt hard when pulled to my right off the court.

My main thing is that balance between power and control.the better I am getting the more control I want in a stick. The 200 has it but you know when you get to the 95 size it can be rather perfect.
It's extremely 200-like. Really the same characteristics, but personally the crisper box-beam feel is more to my liking than the 200's pillowy plushness, and I just love how this thing serves.

Funny that you mention that running cross court shot. I actually had a ball last night that pulled me off the court and I just went for broke cross court (thinking my partner was following the ball into the net).. Ripped it with all I had and looked up, and the ball actually managed to zing through the opposite corner even though he was still at the baseline and had not come in... He was just leaning toward the sideline and I was able to get it past him the other way as he flailed but couldn't quite get there. It was a Chris Edwards fist-pump moment.
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