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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Thanks for your answer. The way I see it would be:

Martinez- has a very good clay court game. Doesnt have a champions mentality though or quite a champions game in general.

Sabatini- Has a very good game and a great game for clay. Definitely the surface her game is best suited to, although when she became more a net rusher it became very well suited for faster courts too. Isnt super weak mentally but doesnt have the killer instinct to be totally clutch at the key moments. Maybe doesnt have the extra gear in her game to go to either.

Mandlikova- Super talented player whose game can translate to clay even though it isnt really her surface.

Hingis- the biggest mystery of Roland Garros history perhaps. Has both the game for clay, does have the champions mentality as all her time at #1 and all her big titles prove. Completely baffling she didnt win a French, still cant understand it. Probably should have won multiple. She seemed to be a chronic choker at Roland Garros.
Kind of off topic, since I'm talking about Sabatini specifically, but I remember seeing some clips of her when she was very young and just staring to make her mark, and it was sort of mind boggling - excellent variety from the baseline - all sorts of different heights and spin, and some drives and slices mixed in. And, even though she didn't charge forward as much as she did later, she did come to net at times. A beautiful, well rounded, thoughtful game. And, I was struck by how much looser she was. You could literally see it. She seemed to get more and more uptight as she got older. Sabatini matches, like Mandlikova matches, are always fun to watch - and anything can happen. She really had some great matches in her prime with Navratilova, Graf, ASV, Seles, etc.
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