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Originally Posted by arrowtowntennisclub View Post
ross k, regarding the prince racquets such as the O3 white and warrior,

when i first got back into the game, i played with a EXO3 white for 6 months and at the time i thought it was great!! but after playing with old and new head mps (pt630, bumblebee radical and original speeds) plus my foray into yonex racquets in terms of ball feel the prince racquets just didnt match up.

yes the prince frames were very easy to play with, sweetspot was unparalleled and spin action was crazy with easy power, yet accurate ball feel and consistent response are attributes of a racquet i feel are must haves and the frames im used to playing with now beat the prince in these attributes. having said that i have only played with the EXO3 white, EXO3 black and an O3 original red.

for my money if i was looking to switch to a "tweenerish frame that won't shred your arm to pieces" my picks in no particular order would be:
vcore 100s
donnay x-p dual black 102
speed 300

imo there are just so many choices of frames in this category that you really do have to just be super selective, know what you like and perhaps choose racquets that are a little bit special.

wildcard entry: EXO3 tour team
Quoted for truth... super selective, absolutely.

Re Princes, previously I've appreciated that easy swinging, big power and spin and grip shape. Couldn't quite get with the EXo Tour 100 though (turned me into Road Runner continually zooming around getting the ball back but not putting it away).

Like you though, in the past I've had more of a thing for quality build/sweet swinging ways/solidness etc of Head MPs (Pres Pro, PT630, i Prestige, etc). It's taken years to figure out but TBH these are a bit too demanding for me and my game suits tweenerish frames a little better. I've never played any of the Speeds.

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