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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Having seen people play on video and then having played them IRL, my take is you can't be as certain as you seem to imply you can be with video especially at the 3.5-4.5 level. I would almost always take some one with a proven high winning percentage record over someone that doesn't play competitively regardless how they look on video ate the rec/club level. I have seen tons of people who look not that great on video, but are match tough, mentally strong and know how to win. I have also seen people who technically look good, but when it comes to a real match they lose to 3.5 players.

May be they are as you say and maybe they aren't. Too me the players in the OP are not obviously superior to 4.5 players. But I wouldn't bet on either one of them without seeing them play IRL and having match records of the players. If someone asked me to rate them on video alone. I would say their actual ratings could be anywhere from 3.5-4.5 but from what I am seeing the guy in black looks like a decent to strong 4.0 and the other guy looks like a 3.5.
I agree with most of your points. I've seen people who look bad to the untrained eye but know how to win as well. Those are also the kind of people who tend to get rated as 3.5 when they are capable of winning at 4.0 or sometimes 4.5. Those are the kind of people who look like the guy in white from the OP...who IMO is capable of winning at 4.0.
I never said the guys in the op are clearly superior to 4.5 players, but I am saying there is no way in hell they are 3.5, and I am saying that the guy in dark would be competitive at the 4.5 level.

Originally Posted by anubis View Post
IMO the ppl in post #1 would get eaten alive by the 4.0's in my area. They are solid 3.5's.
Could you kindly post video of these 4.0's in your area ?? I have shown video of 4.0's AND 4.5's and none of them clearly show they would "eat alive" the guy in dark from the OP. Please feel free to come up with video of 4.0 players that you think are clearly superior to the ones in the OP. I won't hold my breath...

Originally Posted by droliver View Post
These guy's are 3.5's to my eyes, which is the level I play at. They do not have the weapons to play 4.0 league tennis.
They do not have the weapons to play 4.0 tennis?? What weapons are they lacking if you don't mind me asking ?? They have the only 2 weapons they need to have winning percentages at 4.0...pretty good wheels and consistency. Also...the guy in dark has a forehand that is a weapon at any level except 5.0 +.
Again...please provide video of these 3.5's who play as well as the guys in the OP, or of the 4.0 "league tennis" that is clearly better than the level displayed in the OP.
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