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Ya, I gotta say that I played with it after being curious what an 88 approval rating racquet felt like. So I demoed it for just a day and coached with it, rallied, played a doubles set then rallied a little more. I would have to agree with a lot of what you said. The ground felt so comfortable and it felt like the ball didn't spray uncontrollably like the pure drive does (the racquet that is most compared to it), it felt like the density of the string pattern gripped the ball well, while the round face produced some very nice spin. I really liked it, and when I compared it to my freshly strung microgel, it did make me wish I got it as opposed to my mg.
Playing doubles nothing really changed, when I had time to setup for my shots I felt like I was controlling the point and keeping the ball deep. I was not really making any unforced errors. At net, the racquet really impressed me a lot. The racquet at net makes you feel very confident, like a guarded wall. It is one of the best volleying racquets that I've used second to my microgel radical. The serves took me back a bit as it was kinda hard to get in a positive rhythm. In fact, I got broken the first time I served with it because I've never hit with anything like it before on serves and was trying to get used to it. I got broken because I double faulted 3 times playing around with how to serve with it. But my second time up serving, I held easily at love which shows that once you get used to it, you will get what you need out of it. We actually ended up winning that set easily 6-3.
I really liked hitting backhands, both one handed and two handed (I use both).
The things I didn't like about it were when you needed to play the mini game of tennis. I had some control issues when I wasn't in my striking pose. On return serves, there were times I just wanted to take a smaller swing and basically push a return out wide and come in to net. Well, I noticed that even on a slow second serve that when I tried that the ball squirted out wide whereas I've never had that happen to me with any racquet before because a push usually goes in a pretty predictable path to where you follow through with it. Well not with this racquet. It is best used when you are fully cocked and strike the ball. Or you hit a full swing, which leads me to believe the racquet probably has a poor mini game approach.
This racquet felt like a Pure Drive in terms in many ways. The things that didn't feel pure drivish is the uncontrollable spray power or on uncontrollable trampoline factor that I got with the drive.
I am still hesitant to buy it for one main reason that parallels the reason I bought the pure drive in my foolish honey moon period. I actually felt very similar in terms of falling in love with the pure drive to when I just played with this racquet. I loved rallying groundies with it, I loved the grip, spin, power and easy net game (all related to the pure drive). But when it came down to play my ladder matches and played some good singles opponents, the shortcomings of the racquet really became exposed and I did not fair well. I felt like with the pure drive, you can't just block back a very hard serve because most of the time you either prop the ball to be struck for a winner or to be moved off the court in a bad position or the ball just sails long. I also felt like my ball was being taken advantage of and almost propped as a good striking ball and I was just setting people up for kill shots. I never experienced any of these factors when just rallying. So, if I were to buy the racquet, I would need to play a high level opponent to understand how it plays in a real game/set situation rather than just rallying. BTW, I believe when you start applying a top spin return the spray factor or the sailing balls alleviates itself somewhat with the pure drive, but that's not really my game and I've been successful with other sticks adopting this approach. I do like to chip and block a lot if I'm facing powerful servers. But in any case when I switched back to the PT57a, I actually broke my opponent twice and the games became closer and I was returning, rallying and serving better after putting down the pure drive. So, although I did like the extreme mp 2.0 initially, I would need to play some good opponents to make a better judgement of how it fairs in game situations and against very aggressive players. BTW, the person I played ended up being 18-2 in the season and playing with him exposed many things that I ended up disliking very much about the pure drive.
I would love to hear some more reviews from others who've played with the extreme. It's a super fun racquet to hit with, but for me, I don't know how it plays in game situations. Maybe I'll demo it again if I find the time.

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