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Hmm... idk. maybe. maybe not. spin is spin. it's true most balls have
more ts than sidespin but aren't there times when you're in a certain situation and think "i need this ball to bounce high so i'm going to give it a lot of top" or "i need a little extra pace on this one so i'm giving it less arc and a bit less top"? but you wouldn't say the topspin is not intentional and it's just just shaping the shot in those cases. And aren't there times when you think "i've got him on the run so i'm putting this ball cc but he's already heading that way so i'm going add more sidespin to make it curve away from him"? In those cases you're not just shaping the shot you are deliberately applying the desired amount and type of spin.
That's how i think when I play anyway although yes I think about sidespin less often but still there are plenty of times i apply it deliberately and I'd say that Fed does also.

Anyway, no biggie. carry on...
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