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A few things that I noticed:

First, your partner wasn't committing to the switch in the early points. You were moving over, but he was standing right behind you rather than switching.

Second, you tend to flop your wrist on high volleys. For example, at 0:55, 1:05, and 1:24. On an overhead, you need the wrist action to generate power. But on a volley, that wrist action just causes timing issues. You need to get your frame into position and, if you need to add a bit of power, drive the whole frame through the ball.

Finally, your partner doesn't anticipate weak shots very well. For example, at 1:41 he should anticipate that anything you send at the baseline player will cause either a weak reply or a very defensive lob. He should be moving in for the kill since you are sitting deeper and can cover the lob. Also, at 1:48, he should be looking for the floater given that player's history of hitting slice backhands when returning your serves. Although you had a fairly easy approach volley, your partner would have had an even easier put-away if he had gone for the kill.
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