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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
I say - BAN IT NOW!!!

Are there no limits? What's next? A racquet that plays for you while you sit in the shade sipping an iced tea?

It's out of control. We need to go back to wood racquets and gut strings so that it's only the player himself that generates all the power and spin without all of this "technology" doing it for you. Or else how do we know who the better player REALLY is instead of just who's using the better technology/equipment? It should be YOU that's generating the spin, NOT your strings nor your racquet.
I would hope that is tongue-in-cheek. There is nothing new about fewer crosses allowing the mains to move more freely (at the expense of some control, typically). I can imagine the only R&D Wilson spent on this was down the coffee shop thinking up the next gimmick.
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