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Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
Bumblebee c10pro arrived (thanks mate )......easy mod to match my yellow version, this was a little more head heavy so it needed a leather grip. Otherwise to match I added 5g top of handle and 8g in the hoop, feels more powerful than my other stick but that may be the lower string tension. Feels very stable especially the upper hoop where my yellow version flexes a touch more. 372g and 32cm balance with sw to arrive the x10

It actually feels slightly painful seeing her there like this now in the hands of another ... ah well, such is the racketaholic path I have chosen to tread. Good job I still have one at least. Look forward to hearing how this compares to your other C10s, Rich.

BTW, if you haven't restrung it already, that Tornado has been in there for ages.
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