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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
It actually feels slightly painful seeing her there like this now in the hands of another ... ah well, such is the racketaholic path I have chosen to tread. Good job I still have one at least. Look forward to hearing how this compares to your other C10s, Rich.

BTW, if you haven't restrung it already, that Tornado has been in there for ages.
Haha like unrequited love in anothers arms.....

Never played Tornado and I will change it but it feels really nice in there just popping it about in the kitchen. The grip 4 will have to change, Im so used to a small grip now that it feels cumbersome. I am however a grip 5+ so I can happily play well with it and in some respects it works better for volleys but whipping thro the ball it doesnt compare to my grip 2.
Really happy that Ive managed to match spec very easily. Took the measurements, did a few numbers in my head, threw some mods on and I was bang on the money. It is beautiful isnt it....
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