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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Back is about 45 degrees, much higher than any of my other road bikes, and a little higher than my mountain bikes. I've always had road bikes where the seats are 3" higher than the bars. Now barely 1.5" and the hoods are only .5" lower than the bars, almost a recreational touring bike setup.
CaaD8 is a detuned road race bike, has a longer steering tube, for an upright riding stance.
I'm just old and injured. I cannot raise my left hand over my head. Try that physical condition playing tennis.
Do you ride your other road bikes? And if you do, do you experience the same issues? In your earlier post, you said that the C'dale is a bit longer. Can you replicate the fit of your other bikes (if they don't cause any problems)? You'd be surprised how little differences (1 cm) can make a big difference in comfort/pain. If you think about it like shoes, if they were a little tight, they don't bother you walking a block or two. But if you had to walk 5 miles in those shoes, you'd suffer. Similarly with the bike and 25 miles.

Fitting your bike takes time. Professional fitters can help can you to the right point but sometimes further adjustments are needed. Your position will evolve as you get more "bike" fitness and flexibility. A lot of racers start the spring season with their handlebars slightly higher as they are less flexible from the off-season, and lower the height as the season progresses.
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