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Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
Not convinced of it yet?

I know Prince have at least 3 frames ready, plus a 'special' string for these racquets. If Wilson recommend using 4G, then players are going to rip through it quickly and then moan at the extra expense of stringing more often.

Still, shouldn't complain if I get more business from it


Omg prince as well????

I'm going to have to change my quote. The vortex secret is out now. My secret is over and my friends will now beat me.

I wonder what will happen to vortex ? I don't see how they will compete with Wilson and prince ?

The only thing Vortex has going for them is that they have an even more open string pattern at 14x16. Also the string pattern is in the shape of a "V".

It truly does make quite a difference .

Maybe now that Wilson and Prince have copied the Vortex technology maybe more people will be accepting of Vortex? But I doubt anyone is going to choose Vortex over Wilson or prince.

Vortex does have a jump start because it has more models......but if you want a sneak peak at the Wilson or prince try a vortex.......I absolutely love this technology .

I have tried almost all of them. My favorite is the tour 100.....

But here's a quick rundown of the different models inhabe tried:

Es 100....thick beamed all around racquet . Its a babolat APD plus on steroids

Es 105- same as the 100 but with more spin

Es 116- doubles stick. Chip am charge baby

Es 133- a far better big bubba. Fun to hit with . Could not stop laughing .

Tour 95- the same as a Kblade or donnay pro on just better in every way.'

Tour 100- my racquet of choice. Just a bit more power than the tour 95.
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