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Originally Posted by lefty10spro View Post
I began doing the "Tyler Twist" exercise 5 days ago when pain was present. My surgery (tendonosis) to remove scar tissue was scheduled for November 5th. I have suffered for going on a year. I am up to two sets of 20 a day with the red and called to cancel the surgery. I am a 53 year old teaching pro with my first case of TE. Sure glad a student bought this great device and showed me the twist!! He actual got the technique wrong, so go online to watch the video of the proper form.
Lefty10spro -

Wowzers. That's quite a testimonial, improvement promising enough to cancell surgery after only 5 days is pretty amazing. I admit to checking your join date to see if maybe you were a marketing ambasador of some sort. Seems almost too good to be true!

I'm starting out with the red one as well, just came in the mail yesterday. I hope its effective for me at anywhere near your timeline. Im playing in the USTA Nationals in mid November, would be super awesome to be 100 percent by then. I've gotten the pain and inflammation under control with ice, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage. I'm at a good starting point for PT so I am hopeful.

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