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Originally Posted by Lworthin View Post
Yeah, I noticed that in some other lines. I wonder why they didn't go with "Lite-but-not-as-Lite-as-Lite".

It's clear not only that some players avoid "Lite" or "Team" versions because of pride, but also that this same hubris compels some players to avoid particular models in a line because they're not as expensive.... Oooh. A little introspection reveals that I have never demoed a Lite or Team version, possibly for one of these reasons.
Haha. I kind of avoid rackets labeled "lite" myself. I tried a few "team" rackets and other light frames which didn't have either label and surprisingly they played just fine. I use heavier rackets but some of those mid-10oz frames with SW around 315 actually played better for me than the 11oz frames with SW around 307-ish (both kinds in stock form). I don't see anything wrong with them, I just think they'd sell more frames if they lost the lite/team designation.
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