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Originally Posted by Sky_Boy View Post
odin.. r u trolling? r u even reading what i wrote.. does evryone have to agree with your opinions? and if we dun agree i guess we all have to watch djokovic vs federer , am i right..

i gave black guy a 4.0.. anyway that's not the issue i was bringing up with my post.. the issue was i know that he obviously can hit harder shots but refuse to do so.. playing like this is just going to limit his ability to play better.. if it's a tournament i can understand.. but i believe this is a friendly game.. BY NOT trying to hit harder serves ,BY NOT trying to hit harder groundstrokes when is he going to try?? when his 70? He may lose the match due to errors but hey at least he tried and by trying his also practising those shots..

And weapons means bigger shots.. if u dun even know the meaning of weapons it could only mean your knowledge is severly lacking..
The guy's forehand is a weapon for the skill levels we are talking about.
If you don't believe that (you are entitled to think differently), you are welcome to provide video counterexamples. Somehow I doubt you will do it...instead you will keep blabbering and going on in circles with your twisted logic which is irrelevant to the topic at hand.
Am I debating with a 12 year old???!? That's my impression anyway...and my knowledge may be severEly lacking...but so is your writing ability, that's for sure.
I don't care about convincing you (or anybody else) that I am right...I don't even care about BEING right, I'd be OK with being proven wrong.
What I do care about is the following :
- people who contradict my arguments, need to bring some sort of "argument/proof" of their own to the table...other than empty words (something like video would do).
"I'm playing 3.5 and these guys are definitely not better than me, or hitting harder than me...or whatever", is not an argument, it is just an idiotic statement from delusional 3.0's (at best). "4.0's in my area would absolutely destroy this guy" is not proof either. Come up with something better, and I'd be happy to be proven "wrong".
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