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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Nadal is of equal fact Nadal is more dominat.

Nadal at 26 years has had less opportunity than Federer . Second Nadal facd tougher competition. Third Nadal missed six slams and still somehow managed to win 11 slams by beating everyone,

I'm sorry.....but Nadal is just better than Fed. It's really can try and explain it away but Nadal is just simplybbettervthan fed because he beats fed. Therefore Federer cannot be the goat.
Nadal had less opportunity because he wore himself out. Again, why blame Fed for being better? Federer won more majors from 21-26 than Nadal from 19-26.. so your whole post is moot. Federer dominated, Nadal didn't. Except for 2010. One year. Like Djokovic. So no, Fed is better, dominated longer, and more convincingly.

Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
I think Nadalís best is better than Federerís best. But Nadal is like a souped-up hot rod. Under perfect conditions, no one can beat him, including Federer. But if anything goes wrong, Nadal is thrown off.
Cool story bro. So why doesn't Nadal win more majors? He's only managed the FO the last two years.. so much for being a souped-up hotrod. And why are you making another excuse for Nadal? How can he be GOAT if he's so easily upset? Isn't part of his legend his phenomenal focus? If things upset him so easily, then how can he be so strong mentally? Fail.

Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Percentage schmocentage....means crap .

Was Sampras even in the top 20 when he won? Was Serena? Becker never was #1.

Look Becker beat Lendl at Wimbledon and then neat Lendl again at the open. Butlendl was number you think that's right?
Yet, Sampras won the event. Not sure why you brought up Becker-Lendl. We never had an issue with Fedal who was going to be YE#1. So, cool story, again, bro.

Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
He has 11 slams. He beat 100 percent of the people...including roger Federer 8 times.

Hore than any rival in the history of tennis.

Howny more times does Nadal have to beat fed till you give up.
If Nadal beat 100 percent of the people, he would have more than 11 slams.

You fail again.

Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Think about the logic....

Nadal dominates fed but rediscover the greatest player that ever lived

Maybe put down the bottle, your ramblings make no sense and aren't even well done. I understand that it hurts that Nadal isn't better than Federer. I sympathize.. I really do.
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