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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Nice wide athletic stance. That's good.
Arming the serve yes. Need some work there.
Fh has a good swing path and gets the job done. has some top and side to it. accurate.

...however, it's pretty much all arm. If you want a good fh you need to incorporate the kinetic chain and hit the ball with your body and a loose arm. There is no whip currently. Your rhs is probably maxed out the way you swing now and as it is now it's on the slow side. It should be a lot faster and producing heavier balls.
You're right my rhs is pretty slow. Ill definitely look into incorporating the kinetic chain into my forehand.

Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Don't jump.
You seem to be jumping at the ball rather than the force from your lower body going into the swing. Connect the lower body force through the core to your arm and racket. Sometimes that may bring you off the ground, but it isn't a jump. Right now, the legs and the arm are doing two separate things.
Great tip. Looking at it now, I see that my legs and arms are working separately. Ill work on it. Thanks.
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