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I cannot point you to a particular source, but I have researched NTRP using every source on the internet because I captained 3 teams this year, and I do not believe that matches against benchmark players count any more or less than matches against other players. A benchmark rating is one based on playoff results.

It is possible to beat 3.5 benchmark players and lose to 3.0 benchmark players because those benchmark ratings are based on results from last year. A 3.0 player who is rapidly improving could have a higher dynamic rating that is not reflected in his 3.0 rating that is visible to the public.
It isn't so much that benchmark ratings count more than other results, but that once the benchmark players are identified and their ratings calculated, recalculations are done that could change your and other players ratings from just the regular Dynamic NTRP that is calculated throughout the year. I've seen mentions that this benchmark calculation may be 50% of the year end rating with the other 50% the normal Dynamic NTRP.
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