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Originally Posted by Orange View Post
I cannot point you to a particular source, but I have researched NTRP using every source on the internet because I captained 3 teams this year, and I do not believe that matches against benchmark players count any more or less than matches against other players. A benchmark rating is one based on playoff results.
My understanding is by virtue of being a benchmarked player- (which means they have advanced in post season matches, right?) - that in itself raises their rating because they are at the top of the pyramid for their rating... so if you've played against a benchmark (win or lose) that factors into the computer system as a tougher opponent.

In other words, many players who advance in post season will get benchmarked and they also have a higher chance of being bumped up... they and their team have shown by being in the post season (to a certain degree) that they are the best at their rating.... so if you've played against a benchmarked player, that figures in the computation as a tougher match, win or lose.

During the season, it doesn't matter as much because the opponent is not benchmarked yet... but at some point during their playoff run they will be benchmarked, and at that point that changes the factors into how it affects your rating/your match vs them months earlier... right?
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