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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
The problem is it only searches e-mails currently downloaded on your phone. For it to be truly useful, it should be able to search all of your e-mails. Minor gripe I know...
I just tested this and it does search all my emails. It says "continue search on server" and then pulls everything. I have emails from 2006 that I just pulled in a test search. So...good news

Apple has been very aggressive legally and it definitely sucked when I had a droid (felt unfair). For example, if you search google for a restaurant using an s3 you will not be able to press the phone # in the browser and dial the place via a hotlink. Apple patented that and made droid OS's remove it. So to get it back you have to root your phone.

In all honesty that is a great feature that I use a lot, and it sucked when apple did that when I had a droid.

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