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I’ve been using the Extreme 2.0 for the past month and really like the racquet. I can only compare it to the 2012 Wilson BLX Six One 95 (I have both the 16x18 & 18x20) and 2012 BLX Pro Open since they have been the racquets that I have used since coming back to the game after 12 yrs (shoulder surgery and golf habit took me away). I played with Wilson Pro Staff Classics prior.

This is not a true apples to apples comparison since the Head is strung with Solinco Tour Bite 17 (my first time with poly – one at 52 and one at 57 lbs) and the Wilsons have NXT Tour 17 (all 55 lbs).

First, the Head feels lighter than the Six Ones and you can really whip it around, as it feels more maneuverable. I have a long high topspin forehand and two handed topspin backhand and the Head lets me generate a ton of spin and depth. Note, I feel that I hit the Six One with same amount of spin but have to swing a bit harder. On my one-handed slice backhand, I hit it hard and low and the Head give you more bite. If I open my shoulder too soon and the slice floats some, I get more depth with the Head than the Six One.

The Head’s bigger sweetspot is nice, as it gives you a bit of forgiveness on those tough service returns. I don’t feel like there is a difference in control between it and 16x18 Six One but they are not as good as the 18x20, which has terrific control at the expense of a bit less spin and power.

On serves, I get the same amount of power with both racquets but a bit more spin & kick with the Head (could be the strings) for my slice (hard and slow spinner) and topspin serves (working on this to get more speed).

The Six One, though, has a bit more stability – it feels stable no matter how badly you hit it, which also translates into a better racquet for volleys. The Head is very good at the net, but the Six One feels solid on every shot.

Side notes: The grip on the Head seems much smaller than the Wilson (all are 4 3/ and will add an overgrip to the Head. The Solinco strings went dead on me last night after about 4-5 hours. I will probably restring with NXT Tour, as I don’t feel that I give up anything in spin but get more feel and durability. Also, the Solinco is very stiff in comparison – boardy in the 57lb strung frame until it loosened a bit.

Also, the Pro Open really can’t compare with the Six One or Head. It’s lighter weight makes it a bit less stable. It generates good spin and power, but lacks the slugging power of the other two. I am not really into customizing the frame, so I can’t comment on its potential with some lead.

To summarize, the Head is an excellent all-round frame and I am going to use it as my number one frame (getting two more strung for backup). I do have a Juice Pro on the way just to see how an extended frame plays.

I hope this helps with anyone trying to make a decision.
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