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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I just tested this and it does search all my emails. It says "continue search on server" and then pulls everything. I have emails from 2006 that I just pulled in a test search. So...good news

Apple has been very aggressive legally and it definitely sucked when I had a droid (felt unfair). For example, if you search google for a restaurant using an s3 you will not be able to press the phone # in the browser and dial the place via a hotlink. Apple patented that and made droid OS's remove it. So to get it back you have to root your phone.

In all honesty that is a great feature that I use a lot, and it sucked when apple did that when I had a droid.

Dali and I just threw down in Times Square. It was fun. We are eating sherbert now.
The Gmail app isn't as smooth or nice as Apple's Mail, but I can't handle that Mail doesn't support push for Gmail, and you have to do an exchange workaround to get push mail for Gmail, then you lose functionality.

I use the Gmail app as my primary docked mail, and it works pretty well, but I wish Apple would wise up and allow push for Gmail in their own app.

As for the lawsuit/patent stuff, it's so dumb. I wish Apple would drop it. Innovation and competition is good for the industry and good for consumers. Did the Samsung Galaxy (original) look almost identical to the iPhone? Yes. But Apple has ripped off companies before, they have lately, and some of the stuff they've tried to claim as infringements are ridiculous. Not making this up, here are two: "A Square icon with rounded edges", and "if you swipe down and it bounces back at the end".

These lawsuits need to end. All this does is hurt consumers.
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