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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
My understanding is by virtue of being a benchmarked player- (which means they have advanced in post season matches, right?) - that in itself raises their rating because they are at the top of the pyramid for their rating... so if you've played against a benchmark (win or lose) that factors into the computer system as a tougher opponent.

In other words, many players who advance in post season will get benchmarked and they also have a higher chance of being bumped up... they and their team have shown by being in the post season (to a certain degree) that they are the best at their rating.... so if you've played against a benchmarked player, that figures in the computation as a tougher match, win or lose.

During the season, it doesn't matter as much because the opponent is not benchmarked yet... but at some point during their playoff run they will be benchmarked, and at that point that changes the factors into how it affects your rating/your match vs them months earlier... right?
NO, NO, NO .... Being bench marked itself has nothing to do with your rating. It just means you played in the postseason.

However, if you played in the postseason, the chances are greater that you are a good player and at the top of your band ... otherwise you would have not been in the lineup presumably. But this is not always the case for obvious reasons.

None of us actually know the algorithm but this is my conjecture as to why the USTA cares at all about the benchmarks ...

I played in sectionals for Middles States at 4.0. When I played our section's national representative I lost in doubles in a third set match tiebreaker. This was considered a tie because even though they won the match we split games.

Now if the guys we played go out to nationals and get smoked then the USTA will say "Dizzl, yall are about the same as these guys and they got smoked so we are gonna dial you back" (and other guys that played against these dudes) to keep the sections as equal as possible. However, if our guys go out and dominate Nationals, the USTA will raise us a little and lower some other sections.

Being benchmarked does not make you more likely to get bumped, performing better than your peers is what drives the bump...

In fact, last year in our district 10 folks were early start bumped. All were benchmarked and after the team from our section performed poorly at nationals every single one was moved back down at year end. However, 3 players that were not benchmarked were moved up at year end even though they were not early start bumps.
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