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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Hmm... idk. maybe.

That's how i think when I play anyway although yes I think about sidespin less often but still there are plenty of times i apply it deliberately and I'd say that Fed does also.

Anyway, no biggie. carry on...
Sure, you are right that it's used, but imo it's just more secondary knowing that
it will happen on certain shots rather to to try to work the shot for side spin.
Absolutely looking to get more vertical top for high bouncers, but that adjusting
out the sidespin that is normal with the harder hit Fhs. Only time I can see a pro player
trying to work the side top in more the primary intention is trying to hook one
back into court a bit on a dtl type situation. Trying to use side spin to slide it more away
from the opponent imo is more of a rec player intention, as a pro
will depend more on his control and pace to do this, likely just accounting for
that spin that happen naturally for the type shot he chooses, as he knows
what that stroke will give. The I/O Fh is a great example of this and it naturally spins
out away from the court, so you don't have to try to, but more account for how
it will be happening...if anything, limit a bit so it doesn't slide wide on you.
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