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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Just to be perfectly clear, the point of the topic is not "Is topspin relevant?" I think we all know the answer to that. The more the merrier. But is there a certain point where additional topspin really doesn't do any good and comes at the expense of better options, like pace?

The point is, there are many players out there who have decided to base their entire game on topspin, and use topspin as their weapon of choice. Did they make a mistake? Has the focus on producing killer topspin prevented them from fully developing a better weapon or weapons?

I think we all know where this current fascination with killer topspin originates. Indeed, Nadal had great success with killer topspin, especially on clay. Evidently there are many players who are trying to replicate his technique and strategy but not having overwhelming success with it. In fact, I see it having better success at the lower intermediate levels than I do at the upper intermediate levels. At the 5.0+ equivalent levels here it seems that the majority of players who face a killer topspin baseliner have already seen it enough to deal with it effectively.

Ok I get what you are saying now.

My perspective : I was hitting with too much spin a year or two ago. Western grip, coming over the ball too much, not hitting clean. It actually can still win you a lot of matches, but IMO is not proper technique.

I went to semi western more often (still slide to W for certain shots), focused on hitting the ball square and then letting my natural stroke add all the topspin.

So I think what you are talking about is poor technique at an advanced level. A lot of guys can play their whole lives with that kind of top and win under 4.5. But the best ball is the heavy one that is hit clean and powerful and still has heavy top on it. the only way I found that shot was to go to the semi western grip and spend some time grooving it.
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