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^^ Guess I basically just said what PP said in the above post. I am the guy with poor technique winning matches at 4.5 and below, but will probably never be able to beat "good players".

Originally Posted by KenC View Post
The point is, there are many players out there who have decided to base their entire game on topspin, and use topspin as their weapon of choice. Did they make a mistake? Has the focus on producing killer topspin prevented them from fully developing a better weapon or weapons?
This is my style of play. I hit with a RIDICULOUS amout of topspin. Long, loopy shots that keep my opponent glued a few feet behind the baseline.

My gameplan is not to hit winners. I'm really a "secret pusher". My opponent can track down most every shot I hit. I just bank on the fact 1) I'm fitter than he is; 2) He will get impatient as he gets physically and mentally tired of running down my looping topsin (and hitting so many balls at shoulder height or higher).

But I do get into trouble when I face guys that know how to deal with this. Then I have to cut down on the spin and hit through the ball more. I make more errors and I normally lose.

As an aside, I'm 215lbs. and nearly 40 years old. I love to watch guys 50lbs. lighter and nearly half my age get tired
“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” – Plato

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