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Originally Posted by Lemoned View Post
Now how do we know it was for avoiding Murray, when it can be easily the other way around? LOL
- Murray has played Beijing before, Nole hasn't play Tokyo yet.
- Both tournaments are in the same category but probably Beijing is the preferred one. Way bigger prize money (*discount the appearance fee factor), combined tournament in a larger venue. Easier to get to the next tournament(Shanghai)

I don't believe Nole chose Beijing over Tokyo just not to face Murray, nor vice versa. More likely they just picked whichever they wanted to play, and incidentally both are the defending champions respectively. Also don't forget that Nole confirmed the schedule just after Wimbledon. Before Olympics and US Open, last time they met Nole was the winner.

On a slightly different note, the fast courts of Japan open wouldn't be desirable conditions that Nole is looking for, when the other is a proven formula that worked for him
Beijing is faster than Tokyo, lemonade
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