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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
So a big Japanese company, UNIQLO, pays Djokovic millions of dollars but Djokovic snubs them by choosing to play in the China Open instead of the Japan Open? The executives at UNIQLO must be pretty ticked off. I would have assumed that they would have put into his sponsorship contract that he has to commit to playing in the Japan Open every year for marketing purposes so that UNIQLO can show him off to all the Japanese fans/customers that he wears a Japanese brand.
Since there is nothing in the news about anyone being ****ed off or Djokovic snubbing anyone, I think it is safe to assume that all of your assumptions are inaccurate.

1. Sure, UNIOLO would like him to play in their tournament, but it seems like that was not a part of the agreement.

2. The contract he signed with UNIOLO was probably for a lot of money, but likely not enough money for Djokovic to commit to playing the Tokyo tournament.

3. Beijing probably offered Djokovic a lot of money for him to play there as well.
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