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^^ I do the same thing to this "slicing pusher" guy I play. He gets a lot of balls back and keeps them low. So I just slice until he give me something I can hit with heavy spin. Then I just keep it up until the error or easy ball comes.

What you say about heavy hitters is for sure true. Guys that can really hit through the ball just murder my looping topspin. My plan against these guys is to try to make them work as hard as possible and hope they get tired enough to be a little lazy with their footwork and strokes later in the match, so they start making errors. These guys I have to try and physically and mentally breakdown. I can't beat them going toe-to-toe.

The other guy that kills me is the guy that can effectively come to net. I see this guy very rarely these days, but when I do, I pretty much know I'm toast.

I can hit through the ball OK actually, but that is something like Plan D for me. I can hit through the ball to put an easy ball away or to put some pressure on my opponent, but I know I will make an error normally within 5 strokes of hitting this way.

I also have the luxury of having a pretty effective first serve and a fairly bullet proof second serve (I rarely double fault). So I normally get 1 or 2 "free" points on my serve. This makes my job so much easier (and puts a lot of pressure on my opponent).
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