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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
^ Just to be clear... Pregnenolone and DHEA are steroid hormones and do not fall under the classification of anabolic-androgen steroids (AAS), better known as anabolic steroids.

While it is not really known if using supplements to increase Preg, DHEA and Testostorone to 25-30 yo levels is wise, allowing testosterone (and possibly other hormones) to drop to very low levels does not seems wise either.

As the OP has pointed out, low T levels are associated with dementia, osteoporosis, depression, fatigue and other maladies. This is something that my father is dealing with right now. Once of his doctors decided to inhibit his T levels in order to keep his PSA levels in check. In the past year, it has become apparent that the cure/treatment is worse than the (prostate) problem. He is now showing very significant signs of dementia, clouded cognition, osteo, depression, and severe fatigue.

Perhaps it would be better to allow higher T levels but inhibit the conversion of T to DHT. Some possible ways to inhibit DHT is saw palmetto, Brazil nuts (selenium), and lycopene (cooked tomatoes, ketchup, etc). May also be helpful: nettle root, beta sitosterol, pumpkin seed and minoxidil or finasteride.
a few studies on warding off dementia...
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