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Well, I did get to use the Q5, for a while anyway.
I went out to play a league match and took the Q5 straight out of the bag. Definitely not as soft feeling as the Ki5 (I have that strung with Mantis Comfort Synthetic) but I figured maybe it's the strings or the tension I'm feeling.

Off the ground, impressions continued - this is a slightly stiffer Ki5. I hear plenty of the Kinetic material, so I highly doubt it's actually localized in those 4 pockets. I think they decided to standardize on the design and/or make it look "new".
Groundstrokes, I felt like I was getting more power than the Ki5, perhaps due to the stiffness. Serves were a little more directional and had a bit more pop than the Ki5 - overall I felt like I had a better idea of where the ball was going with the Q5.

Here's the weird thing - hit a forehand and heard a crack, I thought the whole frame had cracked. I popped a main string at the very top of the frame, just right of center. Wonder if it was a stringing flaw because I am not a string breaker and I have never ever broken a string in that spot.

Throughout the time with the Q5 I kept thinking "wow, I kind of miss the Ki5 which I never thought would happen". But then post string break, returning to the Ki5, I realized that I had to swing a little harder, had less precision and feel with the Ki5.

I'm on the fence. I already have a pair of QTour I jumped into too quickly. I think I'm going to sell those, and get a Q5, and give it an extended demo.

One last note - just above the grip, the Q5 has a little bridge thing that reminds me of the Destiny frames, though the frame itself is not as rounded. The Destiny were the forefathers of the Pure Drives as you may know.

I do not think the Q5 hits anything like a Pure Drive or PDR - those have way more power due to the woofer system.
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