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Sick racquet Megs. Handled by Ross makes it an epic holic stick that will either poison you with lust for other brands or make you commit to a marriage.

Gads, how solid does that pro staff feel? I sure wish the wilson QC was truly sucks.

I mean I am spoiled by the yonex. All 3 of my sticks are the exact same.

If I ever get TE and have to get a tighter pattern so I can go back to gut or some other soft string, the PS95 would be on my extremely short list. the 200s open pattern and ease of use though..oh spoils me.

The new yys bug my elbow, but I have not tried the updated tour version. Arrow, the 98 does not spec out the same so I doubt it will play like our 200s. you can always mod it..etc, but I think the magic of the 200 comes in the weight and balance and also whatever that flexpoint tech is. They totally abandoned flexpoint, which is a shame because it really does work.
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