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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
NO, NO, NO .... Being bench marked itself has nothing to do with your rating. It just means you played in the postseason.

However, if you played in the postseason, the chances are greater that you are a good player and at the top of your band ... otherwise you would have not been in the lineup presumably. But this is not always the case for obvious reasons.
Ok, you said it a bit differently... the point is the same tho...

-IF you play in the post season you will get benchmarked.

-IF you play in the post season you are presumably a good player and near the top of your band. You will be benchmarked AND your dynamic rating will improve as you advance. Your dynamic rating can change match by match even.

-IF I played a player in the regular season who later played successfully in the post season, this will have an upward effect on my end of year rating.

So you can get a benchmark if you do well in the post season... so its not the benchmark that effects ratings, but the fact you advanced in the post season.

Post season matches=change in your dynamic rating and a benchmark= change in your regular season opponent's end of year algorithm
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