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Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
I would love to hear some more reviews from others who've played with the extreme. It's a super fun racquet to hit with, but for me, I don't know how it plays in game situations. Maybe I'll demo it again if I find the time.
Great write up corkscrew! I think your issues with blocking back hard returns is simply a matter of adjusting to the racquet and giving it some time. I had an issue at first with the Ex 2.0 MP on going for hard shots down the line. I kept hitting wide and long. This racquet does feel like there's some flex in there, do you agree? That and the additional swingweight was causing me to be a little late. But after getting used to it, I started nailing the dtl shots like normal. Like you, I struggled with serve at first too, but that came eventually, just like the blocked returns will for you. The EMP seems to be weighted in a polarized way, which may cause some adjustment period for some. It really does feel like a Rad Pro without the super flexy-ness to me.
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