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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
Yeah I was able to do this as well, except in the case of mobile websites that weren't dynamic (which is a tiny percentage of mobile websites).
I saw the trolls quote. Actually I am not wrong as I said S3. He does not even have an S3 unless suddenly that magically changed.

If you had an older droid this was not an issue because they could not take it out of your current featureset. But when apple sued samsung and htc by trying to prevent the phones from being shipped in, this was a feature removed. I know because I had the HTC. It is easily documented anywhere on line. We had to hack out phones to get this feature back.

Now that may have changed since the samsung lawsuit..who knows. But I assure you in June of 2012, it was not an available featured in my phone and it was addressed in the samsung lawsuit as well.

Once again I will post a link. I have posted links (conveniently ignored) backing up my opinion and experiences which is more than I can say for others.

It is not a personal vendetta for me. Its just a phone, and I am posting my experiences with links backing them up.

I hacked my phone 2 weeks into getting it because I needed features that simply were not there. So this could have been fixed in a software update and I would not have known about it. But it definitely was a real issue and there is a lot of evidence backing my experience.

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