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Default Scoring inconsistencies with TW reviews

I will make one final comment and let the issue rest.

This is not the first time I've noticed scoring inconsistences with TW reviews. It is really important to the entire tennis community to maintain the integrity of reviews: to TW, consumers that rely on TW reviews, and even the manufacturers. This is especially true of shoes, but is true of all tennis products.

It's risky to buy any product over the internet for the very reason that descriptions and opinions about products are so subjective, and specifically with shoes because fit varies so widely from manufacturer to manufacturer and shoe to shoe. So it is a leap of faith when a consumer buys a product over the internet based solely on expert reviews. It's risky because if you rely on the reviews and then become disappointed with the product then you will have wasted your time and money purchasing the product and then trying to return it if unsatisfied.

Sloppy mathematics in product reviews detract from the credibility of reviews generally and reduce the value of the web-site altogether, resulting in reduced sales for TW.

Moreover, misscoring reviews does not help any of the manufacturers -- obviously not the one that was downwardly misscored, but also not the manufacturers of products that appear to be superior to the misscored one because of a relatively better review. This is because relative sales of competing products communicate to sellers what attributes buyers prefer. But inaccurate reviews may artificially deflate sales of better products and inflate sales of inferior ones, which may signal to manufacturers that consumers prefer products with certain characteristics that received positive feedback from reviewers. As a result, manufacturers alter product design in the hopes of capturing greater market share with product modifications that in reality consumers don't prefer at all.

So, inaccurate reviews are bad for everyone: TW, all manufacturers, and consumers alike.

Enough said.
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