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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
You should have apologized for the way you played, told him he was right, etc.

Then next time, play the exact same way. Maybe even apologize on changeovers, telling him that you can't help it, but you're trying to get better. Maybe hold your hand up and apologize after you bring him into no man's land and he hits (yet another) error.

If anybody asks, tell them that this guy is by far the superior player, etc.

Do it all without a hint of sarcasm, as if you are being dead serious. See how long you can string this guy on. See how big this guy's ego really is.

Yesterday, a guy I beat said he "let me win" because "I looked like a wounded animal and he couldnt help but feel bad for me". He actually asked me after if I was tired or if I intentionally slowed down. I said "both, because my knee is sore, and I was tired from the first two sets." but the reality is that downshifting was the right thing to do. After goofing off for two sets, it was time to "win" and play solid tennis.

Basically, I try my best to win with skill, big shots, nice serves, ect. What happens at this level though, because the average speed of the rallys are relatively slow and balls are too short in the court, its really hard to make a lot of winners especially if your opponent is making very little errors.

In the 3rd set, I just rallied every point out with him. I knew that statistically I will have a decisive victory over him provided that I just cut down on all my errors. I tried to "play him" in the first two sets but it wasnt working out.

The whole "you seemed like a wounded animal at the end and I couldnt help noticing it and when it was 4-0 I gave up" commentary at the end made me laugh.
"In the 1980's two men dominated--sometimes each other, most of the time everyone else."
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