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I really love tech and devices. I dont understand why things get personal either.

I guess for me what I dont get is how some people here are this harsh on the new i5. My viewpoint is simplicity and speed is the ultimate test of a new phone and I am amazed at how many times some of us posted benchmarks and tests backing up our views and no one even addressed them. They just ignored them and then posted another troll post. It is sad.

Agree on the lumia..I am really interested in seeing what happens with the windows phone. I guess my main issues is that for me, I like small and slim phones. I am seeing tons of advantages already with the i5 as it is a lot easier for me to do the day to day tasks of replying to a text with one hand while out in a busy place.

I think the i5 is the most detailed and rich screen out right now, even though it is not 720 (links posted backing me up). Once again specs mean nothing in cellular tech. That is what people have to understand when they buy a cell. That may be the biggest takeaway from this whole thread.

The lumia could take the crown as the best screen. We will have to see how it tests out.

Curious who will buy the Phablets. Too big for me, and I dont like using a stylus. With the ipad mini coming out, it is interesting to see where tablets are going.
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